Oil Lamps

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We were away camping and sitting in our tent chatting and having a evening tea and it occurred to me our tent lighting system was a bit harsh a powerful LED system all very efficient etc. but not very mood setting or relaxing surly we could do better ??

Some research later and I decide to treat us to a Vapalux M320 Paraffin Pressure lamp - what could possibly go wrong !
I source the said lamp and a spare mantle - just after unpacking

A quick look on youtube finds some lighting guides - not really hard to light but you need to understand how the lamp is working etc.
First run in the garden !

Just back from a camping trip - and here she is in action - our eagle eyed readers will notice in the fore ground we have our Feuerhand Storm Lantern 276

The Vapalux has some great features for outdoor use -it gives off around 60 Watts of light along with 1000 Watts of heat so on the cool nights this is very welcome - also the bugs seem to head straight for the glass they hit it and die, so lots of dead bugs on the table and no bites on us !

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