How did we end up with our van ?
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We have both loved camping and done quite a bit over the years, progressing from small tents to larger air beam tents.
The plan was to retire early and travel much more so we decided that a motor home would be just the thing for us, so began our search.
We started looking at every possible layout and design over a period of two years we settled on a mid sized motor home, we had made our minds
up this is what we were going to buy, we would put a small moped in the garage and go that route !

Until one day .....
I was working on the Isle of Wight and had some free time so decided to head to the beach for some sun and a swim
I went for a small beach at Black Gang Chine ...
Driving down the small lane i realised this would be impossible in a full sized motor home, too many overhanging trees too narrow
and tiny area to park.

Thinking about what we really enjoy the motor home began to look restrictive, we wanted more freedom to wander anywhere
so a re think was in order
We really did not want to be hauling a massive box round everywhere with us.

We began to look at small vans
by now we had got a clearer picture of what would really suit us best our priorities had shifted we wanted

Pleasant to drive more like a car than a lorry
Park in a standard car parking spot
Park in most car parks
Get under most height restrictions
Have good fuel consumption - 30 MPG plus
Be able to use as our every day drive
Have pop up roof to be comfortable to stand inside
Have room for a loo
Be able to transport 4 adults in comfort
Be self sufficient - good power options, ability to stay of grid ongoing
Have a good kitchen with gas cooker sink and fridge
Have a comfortable bed
LWB - gives a bit more room, makes a massive difference
Have a rotating front seat - gives a lot of extra room in the van
Be warm and comfortable, all year round

We began to look again with a changed focus

After much searching we found a company in Stoke on Trent that's main business is converting vans to mini buses
They had a van that they had converted to a camper and planned to use as a demonstration vehicle, the van was finished
and business picked up on the mini buses, the camper side never moved forward
They decided to sell the camper and re focus on the buses, this is how our van ended up on ebay
the van was basically new - less than 300 miles on the clock but 3 years old, a deal was struck and we became the owners of our Renault Trafic

Since owning the van we have made many modifications to the standard van to make it better suit our needs

As van this relatively small is really not for everyone, it is all very up close and personal - for us fun but maybe not for everyone !
We love it, others may not.
For us the advantages out weigh the disadvantages but it is a very personal choice what to go for !