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Engine oil :-

From Trafic owners group :-

Gear box oil :-
PF6 gearbox. 2.7 ltr elf tranself nfp 75w-80. I used Kroon oils 75w-80 (same quality) both specific oils for high temp Renault PK and PF series boxes. I changed mine at 30000 miles and it’s as smooth a silk now. The gear oil is supposed to last the life time of the box but I wasn’t convinced so changed it and it was like black p#$$ There are some pics on this site if you search through👍 . Engine oil is Elf evolution full tech fe 5w-30 fully synthetic. I also purchased a magnetic sump plug with the hope of slowing down engine wear. Hope this helps?

how to change :-
To sort gearbox oil you need to remove inner wheel arch liner and engine under tray then locate fill and drain points on gearbox(plastic screw for fill on end of box) you may need an 8mm drain plug socket at this point to remove drain plug. To refil use new washer on drain plug then source a length of rubber tube to refil (thin gauge washing machine hose is ideal) carefully add 2.7 litres of nice new gear oil.