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Full user manual - useful
User manual PDF
For a full factory reset - adminpassword13142324 - just as written here no password required
after factory reset - phone 10x to set admin phone number
alarm description - Coban Car GPS Tracker 303I w/ Remote Control Multiple Functions Tracking Device
The alarm is wired into the fuse box (LHS cup holder - pings off)
the fuse that has been bypassed is the power to the alarm as well as the ignition- if the relay has failed move the fuse that is on the short extension back to where the yellow wires are plugged in and this will bypass the kill part of the alarm system.

The white wire is piggy backed onto a 30 amp fuse this goes live when the ignition is switched on.


White / black -Fuel sensor - not used
Green - door sensor - +ve trigger -- Connected directly to the cabin light - which comes on when doors opened - switch needs to be left in the central position
Blue - door sensor - -ve trigger
orange - mic
brown - mic
Black power in
Red - power in
White - ACC - ignition senses when live and triggers
Yellow - kill engine relay - white from relay goes to +ve
Pink - to siren

Kill engine - stop666666
start engine - resume666666
Arm alarm - arm666666
disarm alarm - disarm666666
Check status - check666666

ACC - tells when ignition is switched on to set on - ACC666666  off noACC666666

movement sensor
most sensitive - sensitivity666666 +1
mid sensitive - sensitivity666666 +2
least  sensitive - sensitivity666666 +3

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