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I decided to fit parking heater to the van to give us year round use, it has been amazing.
We have camped in a wood with snow falling, just makes camping so much more
I have used a feature of our alarm system to give us the ability to switch the heater on
by text message this has proved very handy to get back to a warm van !

We fitted a CO alarm - strongly recommend you fit one as carbon monoxide is deadly
If you are at all unsure about fitting your own heater - do not DIY ! even if someone
else has fitted - get a CO monitor !

The heater runs on diesel or 28 second ( home heating oil)
The heater keeps the van lovely and toasty all night and uses very little fuel, I went for a
separate fuel supply and have installed a 5 litre tank under the bonnet.

The heater is a Chinese copy of the Eberspacher heater, we have now got 100's of hours
on the heater with no issues

FAQ - lots of info here
Control panel                                                  Heater mounted behind seat

Heater boxed in                                             Front cover removed

Under side of lid with spare glow plug and spanner attached