The Kayak
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As a young lad my brother and I owned kayaks (40 years ago +) - these were used in local rivers great fun

Recently walking along the river and watching some Kayaks we decided this was worth a revisit !

They have come along a very long way from the heavy fiber glass boats of yesteryear
We were looking for something that would take two adults with the occasional third passenger

After much research we settled on the excellent Gumotex Solar, there is a wide range of kayaks from around 100 upwards.
Around 100 plastic boats, low pressure so not at all ridged, very light on the water prone to be blown of course, don't track well.
Around 250 plastic as above but in a nylon sleeve, an improvement as pressure can be higher, these have the issue of drying after use and possible mold growth if not fully dried out
for this reason we dismissed as we would struggle to properly dry.
around 600 these boats are made of the same material that RIBS are made of and can be inflated to a higher pressure, they track well and can be wiped dry when out of the water.
we have used ours in the sea and are very happy with the performance.

  Just unpacked and blown up in the front room  :-

lots more pictures to come !!

we have used the boat a lot now, Cornwall, Cambridge, Hertford etc