EuroNat 2015
Some great advice - looks like our kind of place.

We love EuroNat and have visited a number of times, we have stayed in chalets but the have huge camping areas as well
The site has its own supermarkets, restaurants, wine shop, butchers etc - you never really need to leave.
We have taken the car and motorcycle, in the summer the motorcycle is a great way to get down to EuroNat quickly !


We were offered a cabin by some friends of ours at the Watford naturist Swim and decided to go for it ! it was our first visit to EuroNat and we loved it !
EuroNat is a large naturist site a couple of miles across it has shops bars resturants etc there is no need to get dressed at all unless of course it is getting cold !
from our cabin to the central area with shops etc was around half a mile and around a mile to the lovely sandy beach.
We were so lucky with the weather, sunny and warm every day.
We intend to go back at some point in 2016

Just a few pics round the site -
Around our cabin

Just having a wander round

The main area - hard to get a pic with nobody in !                                                 Heading for the beach

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