What is What3words ?? - web site here

This is a great system for finding any location on the planet surface.
Basically the planet surface has been divided into 3meter x 3 meter squares and each square given three words.

Having gotten totally frustrated in trying to find naturist venues by post code or directions mostly in the dark with no cell coverage ! I started looking round for a better solution - this system works perfectly you can download the free app and this links up to google maps Navmii, Waze etc- android and iPhone and many others.
you put in the three words and you get a PRECISE location to nav to we tested this out in France when we eventually found an out of the way camp site - returning that evening we put the three words in and navigated back to the site - instead of driving round for hours as the day before asking people and driving into farms !

I think for naturists this is perfect, it could be used for beaches, starts of walks, skinny dips, meeting places clubs, venues etc if anyone has locations I am happy to publish - I will add to new places we visit as we go.

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