Chinese airgun thoughts QB79

They are cheap for a reason ! They are not perfect, clearly you will not get the same gun for sub 100 that you will get for 300 + +

With some DIY work they can be made into excellent guns - a simple strip clean polish will make a huge difference to how the gun cocks and fires.
If you do start to tune these guns be careful as it is possible to put over the UK limit of 12 ft lbs get a crono.
They can be made into nice guns for free - just some time and effort - check out the UK Chinese airgun forum for a ton of excellent information.

I think it depends on what people are looking for in the hobby, for me it is about understanding how my guns work and improving them, I spend time in the shed testing things modifying and improving  them, a totally sorted gun is not for me! Unless I have sorted it of course.
I completely understand if you want to pick up a gun shoot it and put it away and never work on it - if it goes wrong back to the shop to get it fixed - if this is you a Chinese gun is probably not the gun for you.

Some people have no clue what happens when they pull the trigger ... and have no interest
Personally I like to understand what  is happening, and how it can  be improved ! as these guns are cheap it is possible to have a few so there is always something to shoot, if you have one in bits !

list of mods in the order of importance what I have done
Strip clean and polish hammer, tube bolt etc.
Remove any filters from valve
Fit silencer
Change bottom tube to give larger pre chamber
Convert to HPA
Fit a good scope
Fit choked BSA barrel
Change stock
Fit bi pod