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This gun came my way as a swap deal - I swapped a lovely TX200 for it.
Sometimes in life things don't go according to plan - sadly this was one of those times.

The gun was suppose to be in good working condition and standard - I knew cosmetically it was not 100% it came with a wooden stock and a synthetic one as well.

The gun had been put together with parts missing (safety removed) the barrel was bodged with additional non standard parts
The magazine did not cycle at all well - unless the bolt was slammed back
Basically the gun was not at all ok, it was a pile of S**t and a lesson in taking people at face value on forums

if anyone is interested in the thread on this - IT IS HERE   - it runs into a few pages :o)

I did get the gun basically sorted but it always left a bad taste in my mouth every time I looked at it.
I eventually decided I should try and really sort the gun and either sell or keep it as I think it can be a good gun again.

I now have the gun cycling way better still not 100 % but way better - the breech has been drilled and a grub screw fitted to hold the barrel firmly
The correct barrel O rings fitted etc the O rings fitted were the wrong dimensions which did not help in holding the barrel firmly

I ordered a HPA bottle from HERE
Did a bit of a quick wrap with some carbon fibre - the bottle did not look great with red writing all over it and the silencer was way to shiny - not perfect but not too bad

This was basically fitted to the gun and a shot string run.
All guns tested using the Blue Shot Android application - connected to the Combro Crono.

Some work need to be carried out on this gun - I am not happy with the consistency and will wind the power up to around 11 ft lbs - I will raise the HPA pressure first.

I have now raised the air pressure by adjusting the regulator - the bottle now gives out 975 psi this is giving now around 10.77 Ft Lbs I will probably give the hammer spring a slight tweak!

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