Air Rifles
All air guns are modified by me,  my aim is to make them  smooth, accurate, consistent and close to the UK limit of 12 ft lbs

I am a member of the following forums :- - Chinese airgun forum - user spike589715 - The Hatsan owners forum - user spike580715 - The airgun forum UK - user spike589715 - The airgun builder forum  - user spike589715 - The Falcon owners forum - user spike1964 - The BBS - user spike589715

I have done quite a bit with the Chinese airguns QB79 based - some thoughts
All guns tested using the Blue Shot Android Application - connected to the Combro Crono

Chinese Based Rifles - Chifles !
The TDR The Take Down Rifle
The Chuntsman B51 - Chinese copy of the Daystate Huntsman
The C-State   Night Vision Option  Power Setting Mod
The Desmond  Gun - Because it is a Tutu (22)
The Bob Gun - Harry's gun ! 
The Point and Shoot  - Parts used in the Desmond gun !

Other Guns
The 850
The Pete gun
The Falcon FN19
Hatsan AT 44
Webley Rebel

Electronic gun

Power Outputs
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