The QB79

The base gun - a Chinese made QB79 - imported to the UK by SMK.
I have used these for most of my guns as they are cheap and easy to modify and work on  - if you do break something they are easy and cheap to fix.

These can be brought new for as little as 89.

This is what you get :-

BEFORE STARTING TO TUNE - you need to have access to a crono - it is possible (not hard in 22) to bring these guns above the UK limit of 12 ft lbs

This is a very rough gun - when it is new it is designed to run off of Co2 - you buy the Co2 as an extra.
The last one I brought was never even run on Co2 - it was stripped as soon as we got it home! So forget any warranty.
The guns are very lucky to put out 8 ft lbs when new and the action is very rough - really they need work! Fortunately this is easy and cheap.

Only get one of these guns if you're up to some DIY!

After the gun has been stripped and cleaned the modifications begin!

The first thing is to convert to HPA (high pressure air) I use a paint ball air tank with a regulator set to 850 psi.
Then an on/off valve is fitted  - along with burst disks.

Some mods to the valve
Replacement transfer port seal
Different hammer spring
Extended lower tube to give larger pre chamber - helps with shot to shot consistency
Power adjusting mod
Choked BSA barrel fitted
AGS stock
Bi Pod

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