Power mod - Adjustable.
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The power setting mod is designed to be used when the gun is being assembled.
The power can be set to the desired level - in this case 11.5 ft lbs then the action assembled into the stock - no field adjustment is possible without completely  removing the action from the stock and using tools etc.
This is a design I came up with though I am very sure this is not original ! it is just the logical way to alter the hammer spring tension

The reason for this mod is that I found if I stripped the gun and rebuilt it the power would change every time - slightly different position for the TP seal etc. it was really getting frustrating so it occurred to me a way of setting the power after the main parts had been built may be useful.

I have this system on two of my guns, this is the Mk1 - Mk2 is made from stainless steel

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