Electronic gun QB 78/79 based
Very early stages of a project gun - now almost finished !
The gun is working very reliably shooting a very consistant 11.5 Ft Lbs.

This was a bit of a long term project, the idea to build an electronically triggered gun.
some of the steps are detailed below.

Benefits of the system
The trigger is a micro switch so no real pull and very consistant as it is not holding a spring and hammer.
The gun is very economical on air, this I think is because when the hammer is fired forward it strike the valve the valve will bounce the hammer back - but as there is no spring in this gun to drive the hammer there is no bounce back I need to sort some measurments out to work out just how much air per shot we are saving - I will probably go to a smaller cylinder as this one is good for 100's of shots !!

The gun has a choke BSA barrel so is very accurate

The Gun is triggered by a MOFET so almost no current through the micro switch the MOSFET takes the current from the charge from the capacitor.

The cycle time is a couple of seconds - to charge the capacitor - power is set by altering the voltage on the capacitor.

The bolt is extremly light as no spring needs to be compressed.

First - make a hammer system to replace the QB hammer and spring, some guess work really and the ability to easily adjust the weight.
I have some more ideas but will have to start on another gun as my sone loves this one so much now !! I have a Chuntsman which may well be a better choice as the bottom tube is bigger and ideally the solenoid would be inside the pressure tube anyway - learned a lot on this project !


Source a suitable solenoid and figure out how this can be linked to the hammer - also must be adjustable


Build a test rig - we need a power supply - some capacitence


The current test bed - the system now fires and is reliable


The Solenoid now mounted on the gun

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