The Pete Gun

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This gun was brought from a small gun shop in Ware (Tackets ?? I think) around 30 years ago.
When I brought the gun I was with my best friend Peter - We both brought identical guns - ASI Magnums in .22  - was all .22 back then !
These guns were use for plinking and the odd rabbit - back in the day when nobody batted an eyelid to see two guys walking around with guns.
We used to spend many hours in the woods, the local dump and gravel pits no police or armed response units to worry us back then.

Still time moves on and the guns languish in garages, a couple of years back I bump into Pete again - he is looking well but tells me he has just been diagnosed with cancer - within 18 months Pete is dead.

The gun is named after my good friend Pete.

I decided I would get this gun shooting as good as it was possible to - not really being into springers I sent it off to have some tuning work done.
It has come back with new life breathed into it, now shooting a steady 10.5 ft lbs and very smooth I recently took it to the club and was amazed that I could hit things with it !!

Really have enjoyed shooting this gun and remembering an old friend..........

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