The Falcon FN19 - in 0.22 calibre
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This is my first Falcon gun - so far I have been very impressed with the quality and ease of stripping  / re building
This gun came my way as a swap deal
First job was to adjust the power - a couple of coils off the hammer spring to tame a little
I have given the stock a rub over with Danish oil - lovely :o)

Jobs for this gun
I decided to go with the Best Fittings quick fill adaptor - was going to build my own with a fill probe  - change of plan the best fittings kit arrived ... ok if you dont wish to use with a silencer ..... but if you do You have to take the silencer off to fill so hardly quick fill .... so decided to make my own quick fill .....see pics below.

Possibly fit a regulator if I cannot sort the shot string out ! I have mailed Rob Lane and he will soon have a reg that will fit this gun, I have used his regs in two of my other guns and have been very happy With the results -  The AT44 & The Chuntsman  The reg is on it's way ! this will be fitted to the gun ASAP.

The regulator has arrived !!  check further down the pages for more info.

Shot string as it arrived to me ......
All guns tested using the Blue Shot Android application - connected to the Combro Crono

Using very light pellets ...

This is a very poor curve the power kept going up then only was level for 20 shots before dropping off again, I have no idea how this gun could have got any consistency at all.
Gun Stripped down after reviewing the shot string.
Parts ordered from Falcon .....
Standard hammer spring - I am not convienced the one fitted is standard
Spring tension adjuster - the one fitted has damage to the threads
Replacement dump valve - when I hit the 80th shot the rest of the charge was just dumped .... cleaned the valve but thought it worth getting a spare
Spare seal kit - might as well as I will need some seals at some point in time !
Transfer port - The one fitted is over sized the standard is 2mm
Parts arrived today  the top picture is the standard port - the bottom is what I have just removed from the gun ! "some" difference  - I think this is even bigger than the standard 177 TP possibly drilled out ? Who knows  ??

The gun is back together I will post a shot string when i have some time !

The gun feels / looks to be very well made, everything is very high quality and solid.

Today I made a quick fill probe and adaptor - works a treat and also works with the silencer in place !!

At the club today and a shot string - charged the gun to 200 bar here is the result - two graphs the first 100 shots

the next shots 50 - 150

lots of shots ..... - when i set the gun up I half filled 100 bar and put on the crono and tuned when i started the power was very low as graph 1 the power increased with each shot - next time i will charge to around 170 bar (200 was clearly giving a low power) 170 bar will give a better curve.

The new regulator the very latest from Robert Lane  :-

Some further modifications and an improved shot string - all shots recorded by the fantastic Blue Shot System

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