The Chuntsman - Chinese copy of the Daystate Huntsman
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I bought this gun - very much for the right price - with the view to make a great gun from this starting point.
When this gun arrived it was running a little close to the UK limit for comfort .... some work was required.

So far :-
Stripped and de burred - basically cleaned up and polished all moving parts.
Drilled out transfer port - as very restrictive.
Fitted a regulator and adjusted pressure down to give around 11 feet pounds of power - Robert Lane Reg used
Replaced all seals - from a cheap ebay o ring kit!
Replace screws for stainless ones.
Threaded barrel and fitted silencer.
Took a shot string - see below very happy with the string though there were a couple of low powered shots I cannot really explain at this time.

Really enjoying this gun now - will try some groups at 35 yards soon! See what she can do.
All guns tested using the Blue Shot Android Application - connected to the Combro Crono

Some more fettling and :-

Very happy with the results still need some work to make a flat line - will have a think on this one!
Think a raise in pressure and a reduction in hammer spring tension may be the way to go - will try and post results.

Current Accuracy  12 yard - max length of my garden.
Two zero shots then 3 through the same hole.

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