Webley Rebel .177
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Recently acquired - A Webly Rebel -
I have always fancied a Sharp Innova, as a kid I always liked the idea of no recoil and good accuracy- these guns were always expensive and I kept missing out on second hand ones !  - this gun is basically a Sharp Innova but made by Webley - I think in Turkey, they even use some of the original moulds etc. as far as I know.
The original gun had  a wooden stock and pump cover - this one is plastic - this will help with the weight.

This gun was reported to be running at 10 ft lbs - sadly it struggles to make 8 so I will be stripping and tuning ..... for full UK power

I stripped the gun today and after quite a lot of messing around, stripping / rebuilding she is now running at just over 11 ft lbs

Tuning information

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