The C-State - The Chinese gun  - the base for this project.
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The name comes from a gentle prod to Daystate owners - this gun is a complete state!
The C-State runs at 11.6 ft lbs.


This gun started life as a QB79 Co2 powered gun

Barrel replaced with a choked BSA one.
Stock replaced with a AGS one - 5 off ebay.
HPA conversion - 22 cubic inch bottle.
Valve modified - increased flow.
Transfer port opened up.
Larger pre chamber.
Pellet probe opened up to increase flow.

Today - I shot a short shot string - bit short on time as the gun will do a lot more per fill than the 60 here but I am very happy with the consistency of the gun now.

All guns tested using the Blue Shot Android Application - connected to the Combro Crono

Diy Power adjuster - to set power to 11.6 ft lbs

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